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Developing Foundations

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Welcome to the first post in Embrace Forward Motion, as I’m excited to begin sharing this new project with you!

I am passionate about bettering myself and the world around me. In recent years I’ve made a choice to actively pursue and achieve personal growth for my mind, body and spirit, resulting in great feelings of wholeness, balance and happiness.

There are four foundations I’ve developed to guide me as I move forward with purpose. By sharing, I hope these serve as guidance to establish your own foundations and kickstart your active pursue of personal growth! These are as follows:

You are your #1 priority

  • Airplane safety always reminds us to help ourselves before assisting others. Do that. This includes balancing and furthering your mind, body and spirit. Note that this does not mean to only help yourself–you are part of a community, after all.  Become stable and you shall create stability for those around you. Focus: I am my first priority.

Determine what you want

  • Ultimately, you know what you want. At some point all of us have said some variation of “I don’t know what I want to do with my life.” Our vision has become clouded by everything going on in our lives that we lose track of the end goal. Trust yourself and know you have a general idea of where or how you want to end up in a given timeframe. Even if it is something as vague as “Be happy” or “Be able to go up the stairs comfortably”, you have now regained a concept of where you are headed. Focus: What do I want?

Explore different paths

  • Once you have a lead on what you want, your next question should be, “How do I get there?”. Open yourself up to seeing the possibilities: this includes familiar and new, hands-on and learning about it from another source. The more options you discover, the more confident you will be on your choice and the more positive you will feel about your journey. Focus: What steps do I take to get there?

Identify people you admire

  • These people are your role models and connections. Be able to express which qualities these people possess that enliven your spirit. This will give you a window into what you value and the kind of person you aspire to become. Talk to them, establish a connection and maintain the relationship. Most importantly, don’t be afraid to tell them you admire certain qualities about them: once they know they are a highlight in your life, you will in turn become a highlight in theirs. Focus: Who is my guide?

Change can be exciting and intimidating, challenging and rewarding– developing foundations will keep you grounded and give you a base to turn back to when life becomes unstable or you don’t know which way to go next. Use these foundations, or create your own to start actively moving!


Author: Tali Levin

Writer, promoter and lover of fitness, wellness and personal growth. Living in Minneapolis, with interests focused on running, yoga, cycling, vegetarianism and local places and events.

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