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“This is Just Part of My Day”

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Once I was at a teaching workshop, where one teacher asked another in front of the group, “How do you calmly manage your students to follow directions every day?”

To which he responded, “I tell them ‘This is just part of our day’. This is the plan for the day, we will carry it out together and move on.”

There I was thinking I was simply learning about classroom management, when I suddenly encountered words of wisdom that had the potential to extend way beyond the classroom. From that moment on, the line “This is just part of my day” saved me whenever I had to complete unappealing activities, whether I had to run in chilly rain during training or to interact with someone who was uncooperative.

Recognize What Needs to Get Done

To apply this concept to our daily lives, it is important to identify which activities are essential MUST-DOs, such as working, taking care of family, affording housing and food, or taking care of ourselves.

We may be committed to more seemingly optional responsibilities, such as volunteering, training or attending social functions. Regardless of how we feel about them or how accountable we are being held, we must work to carry out these activities.

Think: “This is Just Part of My Day”

This affirmative statement allows you to take emotions away and focus on the facts: this needs to get done today. “This is just part of my day” can serve as your coping mechanism to get you through the day:

  • Accept the day. Being open and accepting of your day will take you on the path of least resistance. Sometimes it is better to go with the current than to battle upstream.
  • Embrace the day. Adopt a positive view. If you’re going to do something, might as well enjoy it.

Look Ahead

“This is just part of my day” is a coping mechanism, not a solution. If you find yourself needing to “get through the day” every day, you may need to reassess certain responsibilities you have and find alternatives that make you happier. If you will simply use this to get you through the sporadic rough days, then you are right on track!

Live Now

I’m a strong believer of taking things day by day, but I also value envisioning what is, or what I would like, to be ahead. I encourage you to try moving in this manner with a direction in mind.

Now, there is a plan for the day, so let’s carry it out together and move on. It’s just, and only, part of our day.


Author: Tali Levin

Writer, promoter and lover of fitness, wellness and personal growth. Living in Minneapolis, with interests focused on running, yoga, cycling, vegetarianism and local places and events.

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