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Setting Up For Healthy Sleep

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A good night’s rest makes all the difference in our day. Good sleep improves our mood and performance, recharges our bodies and minds, and helps us grow.

So how do we get good sleep? To begin, we need to establish the right setting.

In his book Sound Asleep: The Expert Guide to Sleeping Well, Dr. Chris Idzikowski, BSc, PhD, FBPsS, recommends the following tips for setting a healthy sleep environment:

Simplify the Space

  • Reserve the room for sleeping and sex only
    • No work, electronics or pets
  • Eliminate clutter
  • Consider painting walls with calming colors or rearranging furniture (such as Feng Shui)

Regulate the Temperature

  • Maintain a cool room
  • Use breathable natural fiber linens and sleepwear

Keep it Dark

  • Block outside light with heavy curtains
    • May leave a small gap for sunlight to filter in the morning (if preferred)
  • Avoid bright lights
    • Includes phones, TVs and tablets
    • Before bed, turn off the ceiling light and turn on a lamp
    • Opt for night lights with a red, instead of white, glow (if needed)

Nourish the Silence

  • Outdoor noise may be reduced with white noise, heavy curtains, earplugs or closed windows

Pick your Mattress

  • Choose the right firmness for your needs
    • When buying a new mattress, lay down and try different positions. Do not be embarrassed to lay there for 10 minutes–you’ll be spending a lot of time on the mattress you buy

Although some of these items may seem no-brainers, plenty of us are still not getting adequate sleep. Likely, we are not doing all we can to purify our sleeping space. Trying Dr. Idzikowski’s suggestions and changing one aspect of our sleeping environment may just be what we need to be more successful tomorrow.


Author: Tali Levin

Writer, promoter and lover of fitness, wellness and personal growth. Living in Minneapolis, with interests focused on running, yoga, cycling, vegetarianism and local places and events.

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